Everlasting Sunday

by crown of pity

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Charlie Mayer
Charlie Mayer thumbnail
Charlie Mayer Such a great album by another band that has blown me away! The songs mix punk rock with a shoegaze element with seamless precision to craft some of the finest songs I have listened to! Favorite track: Bake Sale.
mr hivyd
mr hivyd thumbnail
mr hivyd I like everything about this album - the blend of shoegaze gauziness bouncing off of dense walls of distortion, the wry nods in the production and songwriting to the best of 90s rock, and the warm but slightly threatening and anticipatory mood. Definitely recommended. Favorite track: Never Say Ever.
jamespaniclift thumbnail
jamespaniclift Crown Of Pity hits right in the Nostalgia feels for 90's alternative while presenting it in a fresh perspective that fits wonderfully into whats great about indie and underground hard rock today Favorite track: Never Say Ever.
kairu_de_large thumbnail
kairu_de_large Love the vibe of this sound, feels like something from the high point of 90's alternative, while being something it's own. Playing on my nostalgic for a time and place now spent and gone, while taking me somewhere new. A great achievement. Bravo. Favorite track: Bake Sale.
Breezy eckerdt
Breezy eckerdt thumbnail
Breezy eckerdt all the songs are catchy and great! leviathan is a favorite so far, but ill be listening to them all on repeat! never say ever is an awesome song! Favorite track: Never Say Ever.
david dutton
david dutton thumbnail
david dutton I'm cheating by reviewing something I wrote, but shout out to Jeff Zeigler for making these tracks sound so real and full of life! Hope everyone enjoys this. Favorite track: So Be It.
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released October 31, 2017

produced by crown of pity & Jeff Zeigler
written by David Dutton

recorded at Uniform Recordings in Philadelphia, PA
mastered by Joe Bozzi

vocals, guitars and synthesizers: David Dutton
vocals and bass guitar: Natalie Rakes
drums and additional percussion: Dylan Mulcahy
pianos on Siren Song: Alayna Rakes

album art: Davyd Pittman @ Indelible Creative, Inc

This album would not be possible without the following excellent people: Alayna Rakes, Tim Van Horn, Ryan Rakes, Brianna DiFelice, Ryan Lavine, Colleen McManus


all rights reserved



crown of pity Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Leviathan
TV says the end is nigh
don't know why we multiplied
but that was just the nature of our lives
differences all the same
infidels by every name
we all have simple textures to our hides

enemies,not so much that we're out of touch with
empathy, hold me back as I take the bait

it's what you're selling I won't buy
it's all fucked up but I don't know why
and when you ask for my two cents
know all good fortune comes to an end

someone's son was far too vain
woke like a leviathan
answered every question with a lie
speaks so low he only sighs
searched so slow for alibis
just enough to prove that he's alright

ignorant, twenty-one with a gun I blame
coincidence, paving graves as we make our way
Track Name: Lost Heirs
eighteen years we were alive
a wintering of teenage minds
rising as a phoenix from the smoke
see the signs, a perfect lie
blind witnesses, no alibis
describing time just like an anecdote

we could just celebrate our lives
perhaps we'll drink to our demise
the pills work fine but they're so slow
we'll leave prescriptions in the sky
you can't deny all our designs
relying on prayers is just a joke

confess now father to your son
perhaps you never were the one
to guarantee he'd have some hope
admitting everything you've known
won't save your sentimental tones
swore i'd get through this on my own

in the weeds we could survive
a nation trying to hit rewind
divided by it's lungs and at it's throat
pristine scenes of compromise
we plant the seeds, a perfect prize
they sting with information we don't know
Track Name: Siren Song
once upon a time you could read my mind
and dictate my life all ahead of time
teach me once again everything so wrong
sing a siren song just to string me along
when I start to believe you can help
get lost in myself and lose sight of just how
I can't further relate
no I can't, it's impossible

I can't help but feel slightly betrayed
that something you said could take me so far away
and despite all the strength that it takes
to not medicate I'm losing my faith again
all I know is that I'm not the same
I lose all the weight and safely sink home again
cause despite all the strength that it takes
I stay awake and witness my day as it breaks

caged in ribs and rhymes I can fake the joy
and I guess sometimes I prefer the void
but I swear somewhere deep within that hole
lies a filthy heart that once was a soul

can I, will I
ever fade away
tonight I'll try
guess I'm here to stay
can't die inside
of a memory
can you help me
Track Name: So Be It
all our charms
are our flaws
dissolved to dust

changed our minds
waste of time

we forgot
we left off
completely lost

misplace trust
waste of lust
changed our minds
waste of time

see us at peace, the cowards display
given away, the hours betray
puts us at ease, the scars just a stain
as we erase, please leave the mistakes

I won't regret your company
Track Name: Never Say Ever
please don't describe what we survived
the endless nights
may not seem right but we had left
our lives behind

six feet of innocence beside
the love we threw away we require
it feels inflammable under the fire
oh save us anything cast aside
we tried to bury ourselves in disguise
even Juliet's starting to cry

seemed to be so surprised by
all these moments in time
always ample we rise while
the sun in the sky will arise again
pretty idiots shine when
they begin to decline
they remind us we die
so soft we can't stop

but we laugh and we drink
and we don't care what we think
we'll return and behave
to our graves where everything's safe
Track Name: Bake Sale
when I wake all the fog in my head fades away
as I stay in my bed it all dissipates
lazy days are my favorite ways to escape
any need to succeed at most everything
I enjoy all the comforts of being restrained
as I faint from this headache with no complaints
only praying for clouds when I wake
as I lay inhaling, sometimes fail
breathing vapor tracing my way home

hold your breath this is it
take your pictures I quit
it's hard to endure all these
insecure portraits of you

when the panic resurfaces I am a slave
not ashamed of restraining it just a bit
all the demons I dream about leave me afraid
they betray all my safety I must submit
raising danger in waves that my thoughts can't contain
they reveal that I'm still just a hypocrite
can't be brave without fear in your grave
so I stop and face this sometime sacred
place I leave in peace

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